A New Addition

,We would like to take this opportunity to introduce the newest addition to the

Low Country Adventurer team.

Seeing the world through a child experiencing it for the first time, is one of the greatest joys of being a parent.

PrinceMad is ready for summer, for all the adventurers waiting for him to explore and enjoy.


His natural curiosity and zest for life is certain to be cultivated by  his adventurous parents.

PrinceMad will benefit from the experience of being raised a low country baby!


 His faithful companion Monkey ready to also show him the ropes.


PrinceMad will  have his own recommendations for kid friendly places around the Charleston area. Parents of small children can make informed decisions about the best places to encourage both intellectual growth, as well as respect for nature.


We hope that you enjoy watching PriceMad become the ultimate Low Country Baby, and follow his adventures. (He’s just too cute not to!)


Seeing the world through the eyes of a child.


They bring back the wonder adulthood can sometimes make us forget!


We hope that sharing our beautiful boy helps bring wonder back into your world and entourages you to go out and find adventures, no matter your age.


Live life to the fullest just like PrinceMad!

Live life so15726751_10208025269933267_6368566191723552178_n

Welcome to the world Precious boy!!! We are so glad to watch you grow and be part of your next adventures.;

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Shuckin’ Shack


Shuckin’ Shack is located in beautiful Summerville, SC.


My best friend Joey Harville is the co-owner.


Small and cozy, seating only 65 people the Shack gives the appearance of always being packed, so get there early.


Their draught beer system is the coldest in town.

This makes me very happy, because bud light draught is my preferred beverage when out and about.


Shuckin’ Shack in Summerville, Sc is 60 miles inland, yet it has a casual beach atmosphere.


Their low country boil is the best part of any low country adventure.

The food is delicious and affordable.


They have the best oyster shooters in town.


download (1).png


The bartenders do a great job. It is always over the top fun!

Make sure you ask for Brittany.


They offer many specials, contests and giveaways.


Very good community involvement and appreciation.


You see the same staff when you go because their turnover is low.

Shuckin’ Shack is an enjoyable place to both work and eat.


Joey’s wife Tia owns a local bakery, called Finley’s Bakery.

She supplies the desserts for all the Shuckin’ Shacks.


Joey and I were roommates for many years.

During this time he was also my kitchen manager. I know firsthand how dedicated he is to his work, and how awesome he is to work with.

He is also my favorite person to explore the low country with. He is very in tune with nature.


I am very proud to watch his business thrive and grow.


So if you are ever in Summerville, SC

The Shuckin’ Shack is a place you do not want to miss!

Come in today and tell them Low Country Adventurer, Patience Gilley sent you.

I know you will have a good Shuckin’ time!


1st Annual Lowcountry Adventurer Edisto River Float

The 1st Annual Low Country Adventure Edisto River Float was a success! Plenty of fun was had by all that joined us this year!


We rented a cabin at Givhans Ferry State Park.

The Cabins were $60 per night. These cabins go quickly, so plan on making your reservations way in advance.


The screen porch overlooked the Edisto River.

The cabin was completely stocked with everything you need, Sheets, towels, utensils, cooking and dining ware.


It was very clean, warm and inviting.


Day one began early.

13139088_1184472868243361_7513651382749318844_n (1)

We put in at the Boat Ramp Landing off Hwy 61, and got out at Jellico’s Landing on Hwy 17a

13124770_1184473608243287_2341789565071567913_n (1)

This was an easy float, pulled over several times to explore the sand banks and beaches. We ended up being on the water five and a half hours.


The views were amazing!!



13138778_1184472974910017_6517525934385795722_n (1)


There were several spots that we had to maneuver through. Trees down all the way across that DNR hadn’t gotten to yet.


Second day we put in at Mars Old field, and got out at the Givhans Ferry State Park.


13174095_1184473211576660_4897240462728510280_n (1)

This was a four hour float.


Good swimming and fishing spots can be found all the way down the river.

13118949_1217655708258288_3476931131818841277_n (1)

There are rope swings if you are brave enough to try them!


We saw a wide variety of animals including snakes, otters, owls, and soft shell turtles.


Park rangers and locals are always around if you need shuttling to your destination.


What a great way to kick off the season!

13177321_1217655658258293_5596893652749386846_n (1)

Look at us enjoying nature and having fun!

13138729_1217656044924921_2860025993549054513_n (1).jpg

Lots of good memories were made.


Looking forward to the next Low Country Adventure!

Find me on facebook and subscribe to Low Country Adventurer events, for all the latest updates on future fun and adventures!

Make sure you stop by Bee City on the way out.


Lowdown Oven and Bar

Lowdown Oven and Bar is conveniently located on Folly Rd. This place is on my top 5 favorite places to hang out.


Decorated with hardwood interior the atmosphere is warm.


There is a very spacious outdoor patio,  popular for dog lovers.


Lowdown Oven and Bar isn’t fancy. It has a simple classic appeal and a menu that makes your mouth water.


I consider myself a wing connoisseur. They have the best!!!


I ordered the build your own burger.


It was delicious!


They have $1.50 Budweiser’s all the time.


The bartender/owner goes out of his way to make sure every dining experience is a WOW!


I would definitely recommend Lowdown Oven and Bar!


They have lots of great specials. Last night was 1/2 off burgers.


The Lowdown Oven and Bar does not disappoint! I am looking forward to my next visit.

Stereo 8


There are many great restaurants on James Island. In order to stand out you have to be better than good, be unique, but still appeal to the locals.

Stereo 8 does this beautifully.


The atmosphere is warm, the decor modern, unique and very hip. Yet still managing to give a welcoming, relaxed feel.


This place is quickly moving to the top of my favorite hangouts on James Island.


Stereo 8 has the best patio on James Island. It is truly a hidden treasure. Turning old shipping containers into outdoor dining area’s is brilliant.


I had the chicken wings, and the poutine fries, off the happy hour menu. The the general tso wing sauce was really good, and the french fries were delicious.



13101444_10206293257714044_1792396180_n.jpg The staff is very friendly with good menu knowledge.


Stereo 8 is definitely the place to go if you want a fun and unique dining experience.


My ruckus made Stereo 8’s Instagram page!

Stereo 8 has also launched music industry appreciation night.


This kit is for people in the music industry and offers great discounts, a music CD and rolling papers!

Stereo 8 really hits a home run with this idea, designed to show appreciation to the music industry,  working so hard to create and grow Charleston’s music community.


I was very impressed by Stereo 8 and can’t wait for a return visit! I am looking forward to attending their upcoming events!

James Island County Park



With perfect weather that feels like summer, what a gorgeous day to explore! Having to work this evening, but needing a nature fix, one of the best option is,

James Island County Park.


This county park puts most state parks to shame! It has the nicest, most well maintained bike and hiking trails. It hosts a wide range of activities for people of all ages.


The entrance fee is now $2 per person, but a Charleston County Gold pass will get you unlimited access for a year.  This includes up to 15 people in 11 county parks.


James Island County park host a variety of special events you do not want to miss!

The gold pass includes special events with one time admission to the Holiday Festival of Lights so it is really worth the money.


There is a dog park.


There is also a fishing dock, a climbing wall, a splash zone water park and many more activities.


You can camp at their very clean, well maintained camp grounds or at one of their cottages, both are great options here!


The Campground has 124 sites and 10 vacation cottages along the Stono River marsh.


The outdoor activities are limitless.


This park has something for everyone!


There are so many places to stop and have a picnic or just enjoy the beautiful views.


The bike and hiking trails can be enjoyed by people of all levels of ability and fitness, they are well maintained, and there are many off the road trails as well, for more experienced bikers to enjoy.


Home to the tallest outdoor climbing facility, The Climbing Wall


James Island County park also offers bicycle, pedal boat, and kayak rentals .

It is also located right in the heart of James Island, so you are in close proximity to both Folly Beach and the Stono River. If there wasn’t already enough to enjoy inside the park its location is an added bonus!


There are so many wonderful things about this park that you need to experience to understand why it is one of my favorite places!


This park represents the best of South Carolina Low Country and it is my pleasure to share it with all of you! Plan your next adventure to James Island County Park!

You will be glad you did!

Rita’s Seaside Grille

Looking for quality you would find downtown on Folly Beach?

Rita’s Seaside Grille fits the bill.


Rita’s offers indoor or outdoor dining.


The atmosphere is relaxed and casual, the customer service is superb. We were seated fast, checked on multiple times, the staff had very good menu knowledge, and they were very friendly.


The bartender suggested our food, we were very pleased with the selections.

We ordered the Chop Salad, and Tuna Nachos.

Rita’s Seaside Grille is owned by Hall Management Group. They manage some of the best Restaurants in town.


Rita’s take the quality expected from Halls, and combines it with beach casual,


making it a fun and delicious dining experience.



The drinks are unique and tasty!

We ordered the Pineapple Mint Man-Mosa, and The Berry Basil Bliss, both were wonderful.

Best mimosas in town!


Definitely try the Jalapeno Margarita!


They also offer a BBQ menu, which smells amazing.


This is another “Don’t miss” on your trip to Folly Beach! The prices are a bit expensive, however the portions are big, and the quality is great.


I was very pleased with my experience at Rita’s Seaside Grille.

I loved dining in an open air restaurant.


After lunch you can walk across the street, and enjoy nice walk on the beach.


What a great day Emily Harper!


Wolf Island

This hidden treasure you won’t find on any tourist map.


Accessible from Limehouse Boat Landing on Johns Island, the float takes about an hour with the tide.


With it’s white sandy beach,


and live oak trees,


this is an awesome camping spot!

Wolf Island is located on the Stono River.


Very good crabbing spot!!


If you are into Geocaching , there are two located on Wolf Island.


Great swimming hole.


Bring your own firewood, because you wont find any here.


Make lifelong memories!

download (2).png

Remember that this is an island, and not maintained by a park service, so bring a trash bag and make sure you take your garbage with you when you leave. Leave it better than you found it.



download (3).png

The Edisto River

The Edisto River is the largest black water river in North America, over 250 miles all contained within the boarders of South Carolina. It runs through mostly rural parts of the state with the exception of Orangeburg.


This is a river that  takes me back in time, to when life was simple. In this fast paced world of over achievers, at a time when technology  is taking over the hearts and minds of America’s youth, the Edisto River slows it down, and gives the peaceful, relaxed solace that  is needed to recharge.


The Edisto river is my favorite place, You can’t hear cars, or the hustle and bustle of city life. You feel connected to the Native Americans the river was named after. You walk  the footsteps of the past, in a place that feels like home.

The Edisto River connects to four state parks.


There are many access sites, here is a link to a complete list by county.


Edisto River Canoe and Kayak Trail, is a 56-mile trail on the main stem of the Edisto River. Found along the trail are two of South Carolina’s state parks: Colleton and Givhan’s Ferry.

Two of my favorite places to float, are  putting in at Mill House Rd, and take out at Blackwater Tackle on 17a  (that is a 4 hr float), and put in at Givhans Ferry, and take out at Boat Landing Rd. You will need shuttle for both.

Blackwater Tackle has a bar, and the locals that frequent there are always willing to drive you up to good hope landing ,so you can float back to Blackwater, where you leave your car.

 10708199_4573563954008_1534852467_n (1)

The water is waist deep most the way down the river, and the bottom is sandy and smooth.


I love finding a nice beach area, and setting up camp to spend the night on either of these legs on the Edisto River, Conor trail.

There is nothing like connecting with nature on the Edisto River.


For reptile lovers like myself, this river is home to 94 different species not including fish.

download (2)

You will have plenty of chances to observe and interact with many different animals.


It has the best brim fishing.

download (1).png


Givhans Ferry is where our first annual Low Country Adventure, Float the Edisto event will be held.


Visit the facebook event page for more information.

Another thing I love about the Edisto River, is it also connects to Four Holes Swamp.

Four Holes Swamp is also a major tributary of the Edisto River

Within Four Holes Swamp lies Francis Beidler Forest, whose  mission is to educate the public about the relationship between wetland ecosystems, and the quality of life of all living things.

I hope you enjoy getting to know the Edisto River as much as I enjoy sharing it with you!

Hope to see you there in May!!